Supervisory Board’s Activity in 2017

The Board held 15 meetings from 1 January 2017 through 31 December 2017 (including five in-person meetings).

Five meetings were held before and 10 meetings after the date of the AGM, i.e. 27 April 2017.

Director Number of meetings attended % of total meetings attended
Alexey Kudrin 14 93
Alexander Afanasiev 15 100
Anatoly Braverman 10 100
Yuan Wang
(until 27 April 2017)
5 100
Oleg Vyugin 10 100
Sean Glodek
(until 27 April 2017)
5 100
Andrey Golikov 15 100
Maria Gordon 14 93
Valery Goreglyad 13 87
Yury Denisov 15 100
Bella Zlatkis 15 100
Anatoly Karachinsky 14 93
Duncan Paterson 15 100
Rainer Riess 15 100

Many issues on the agenda of Supervisory Board meetings were first considered by the relevant committees for a more detailed discussion and to give the Supervisory Board recommendations prior to voting.

Key issues that the Supervisory Board discussed in 2017 included:

  • strategy:
    • adoption of MOEX’s business continuity strategy;
    • implementation of the IT Development Program;
  • business development:
    • establishing a subsidiary for investments in innovative companies;
    • approval of the Derivatives Market’s fees and trading membership fees for the Equity & Bond and Deposit Markets;
    • approval of fees for transactions in foreign currency;
    • creation of the Deposit Market Committee;
  • key documents of Moscow Exchange:
    • listing Rules;
    • approval of Trading Rules for the FX and Precious Metals Market, the Equity & Bond Market and the Derivatives Market;
    • admission Rules;
    • approval of the Admission Rules and Trading Rules for the Equity & Bond and Deposit Market;
  • corporate governance:
    • decision to pay out interim dividend;
    • review of the Supervisory Board self-assessment;
    • review of the Report on compliance with the Corporate Governance Code of the Bank of Russia;
    • discussion of the Exchange’s corporate governance practices;
  • risk management:
    • review of reports from the Internal Control Office on audit of compliance of the Exchange as the market operator with Law “On Counteracting the Illegitimate Use of Insider Information and Market Manipulation and on Amendments to Certain Laws of the Russian Federation”;
    • adoption of a business continuity policy for Moscow Exchange;
    • approval of the business continuity plan for Moscow Exchange;
    • approval of the Audit Methodology for the Internal Control Office;