Social Support

Providing social support superior to the mandatory minimums prescribed by law is a part of the Group’s social policy designed to ensure social security for employees and improve workforce performance, quality and loyalty. Corporate social support is provided under the Regulations on Corporate Social Support to Employees of Moscow Exchange approved by the Group’s executive bodies in 2016. . Healthcare, maternity protection and childcare are the key concerns of the Group’s social support policy.

All Group companies provide voluntary health insurance (VHI), international health insurance and personal accident and health insurance plans for all employees.

In addition, employees can have their family members included in the VHI program at the expense of the Group (subject to the predefined individual limit). Employees with two or more children can use an extra annual limit to insure their children (including adopted children and children under parental custody) under the VHI program if the household’s average monthly income does not exceed a certain level. Employees also have an opportunity to insure their family members under international health insurance programs using corporate rebates.

The Group provides financial aid to employees who have become parents through adoption or legal guardian status, lost a family member or otherwise become eligible for such aid under the Regulations. The Exchange has a permanent social support committee to handle such issues as providing financial assistance (and determining the size thereof) to employees and members of their families who suffered an accident or emergency (including those affecting their health) not covered by existing insurance plans.

Employees with work experience of six months or more are entitled to additional temporary incapacity payments if they fall ill or need to care for an ailing family member, while those with a track record of at least two years can also claim additional maternity leave payments.

Recreation areas, kitchenettes and a gym are provided in the Group’s offices, which are also equipped with water coolers, coffee and vending machines.

The Exchange promotes a healthy lifestyle among its employees and implements anti-epidemic measures to prevent outbreaks of influenza and viral respiratory infection. A “Health Days” campaign has been launched. Employees are also entitled to special corporate discounts at leading fitness centers and can join a number of sporting clubs (running, triathlon, football, hockey, etc.).

Additionally, the Group established and successfully runs corporate clubs for entertainment and intellectual development, including the intellectual game series What? Where? When?, culinary club MOEX Kitchen and literary club MOEX Readers. These initiatives serve to promote corporate culture and create a favorable environment for employees, including by prioritizing their health.

The Group strictly adheres to the labor laws providing social guarantees to certain categories of employees (including those with a family) and granting additional days off to parents with disabled children and additional unpaid leave to employees with babies.