Supervisory Board Members

Supervisory Board members as of 1 January 2017 Supervisory Board members elected on 27 April 2017
Independent directors
1 Rainer Riess (Senior Independent Director) 1 Rainer Riess (Senior Independent Director)
2 Maria Gordon 2 Maria Gordon
3 Anatoly Karachinsky 3 Anatoly Karachinsky
4 Duncan Paterson 4 Duncan Paterson
5 Yury Denisov
(independent director until 27 April 2017)
5 Oleg Vyugin
(independent director from 28 September 2017)
6 Wang Yuan    
Non-executive directors
7 Alexey Kudrin 6 Alexey Kudrin
8 Andrey Golikov 7 Andrey Golikov
9 Valery Goreglyad 8 Valery Goreglyad
10 Bella Zlatkis 9 Bella Zlatkis
11 Sean Glodek 10 Anatoly Braverman
    11 Yury Denisov
Executive director
12 Alexander Afanasiev 12 Alexander Afanasiev

Members Of Moscow Exchange’s Supervisory Board Elected by the Annual General Meeting On 27 April 2017 Data as of 31 December 2017. Professional Background data is given for the last five years.

Members of the Supervisory Board as well as members of the executive bodies do not have declared interest in shares of the Exchange.

Supervisory Board members’ competencies
Length of service on the Supervisory Board