Client service

The Exchange aims to improve its client services to ensure a more convenient and cost-efficient customer experience and to streamline document flows.

Customer Online Account

In 2017, more functionality was added to the Trading Participant Online Account. In particular, an option was made available to request and generate keys with Moscow Exchange acting as a certification centre. This eliminated the need for the clients to submit paper forms when applying for keys.

The Group enabled an option to view and download trading and clearing reports for the FX and Equity & Bond Markets, with the remaining markets to be added in 2018.

Moscow Exchange has also considerably upgraded its service, enabling clients to send electronic documents via the Online Account and giving them the opportunity to switch to paperless document submission using a digital signature in compliance with applicable legislation and Moscow Exchange’s own regulations. This option is available for requests and instructions, and for KYC-related documents, which significantly cuts the time required for document processing and makes the process more customer-friendly.

Improvements were made to the home page containing key details of the trading participant, including statuses assigned at the stock markets, as well as to the SMA access section, allowing restrictions to be set for the selected SMA ID.

Moscow Exchange developed and launched a new section enabling professional securities market participants, asset management companies, joint-stock investment funds, non-state pension funds and insurance companies to submit their financial statements in XBRL format.

As a result, the number of service users increased by 12% compared to 2016. The most popular sections are the client registration and financial documents sections.

Centralised Customer Registration Service

In 2017, Moscow Exchange fine-tuned its service of centralised customer registration on the FX, Equity & Bond and Derivatives Markets, making it possible to register customers under the 9F category (foreign legal entities without an INN number engaged in securities management in accordance with their personal law).

In addition, work got underway to make online customer registration available and enable clients to start making transactions in less than 30 minutes after their brokerage accounts were opened.

Document Flow Optimisation

With the unified approach applied to trading access procedures, document management in the Money Market saw further improvements in 2017, including depersonalisation of traders, merging of documents and transition to electronic interaction with the Federal Treasury. These changes will significantly simplify access procedures and reduce clients’ costs.

New Customer Onboarding

A new convenient tool was added in 2017 to monitor interaction with new customers (onboarding). Using Microsoft CRM, Moscow Exchange implemented a solution to track Exchange access status for non-resident customers and corporations. The solution enables all stakeholders to monitor and update their status in a shared information space, making communication much faster and easier and reducing onboarding time. To keep record of customer onboarding, Moscow Exchange plans to complete the transition to this CRM in 2018.